Simple Politics exists to simplify politics. Our founder and director, Tatton Spiller, was a teacher. He saw too many students and colleagues who couldn’t get a handle on politics. It all just seemed too big and too complicated. So he quit teaching to set up Simple Politics.

Our Aims

We want to help people engage with politics.

In order to do that, we try to explain processes, break down arguments and go through some of the more complicated terms used. We also hope that our social media streams are an enjoyable and easy way to keep up with what’s going on.

Other things you should know.

Our first aims in everything we publish is to be clear, accurate and impartial. If speed and speculation is your thing, you may want to look elsewhere. After that we try to be engaging and even humorous. It doesn’t always work.

We do what we can to be neutral. It’s not easy. Generally, we try to agree with whatever we are explaining. So, if we’re breaking down Socialism, for example, we do so in a favourable light. That way, we try to promote everything and hope it balances out in the end. In the case of specific issues, we try to explain all sides of the debate.

We are sometimes accused of having a secret agenda. Or of trying to tell people what to think. Or that we’re very subtly trying to turn everyone into Conservatives / Socialists / lemmings / whatever. We don’t and we’re not. But. We have no way to prove that to you. So, either you give us the benefit of the doubt and call us out when we over step the line, or you don’t.

Meet the team:

Tatton Spiller - Founder

Tatton has been trying to simplify politics for 12 years, starting with a mock election at the London school where he was teaching in 2005. He’s got experience of teaching at Secondary level. Mostly English, Politics and Citizenship, but also Media Studies, Drama and, for one disastrous term, Maths. He had a brief step away from teaching from 2008 until 2011. In this time he worked briefly as a journalist, but spent most of his time designing and delivering educational workshops for KS2-5 at Parliament’s Education Service. He then returned to the classroom for a few years. In that time he grew increasingly frustrated that a service like Simple Politics didn’t exist. So he started it.

Hattie Schofield - Head of Communications

Hattie’s history has all been in marketing and social media and other pretty dull things. Her passion, though, has been politics. She got on board with Simple Politics in the early days and now runs the social media streams. When she’s not using her technical flair, she’s studying an MA in Political Communications. She’s pretty clever.

The Rest

As well as Tatton and Hattie, there are various people who help out. They come from a variety of backgrounds and have a wide range of political opinions. We’re very lucky to have each and every one of them.

Note: None of what we publish is attributed to any one person. Much of it is collaborative, but even if it’s not, we try to have uniformity and believe that helps with impartiality.

Finally, a note on money.

We are self-funded. No organisation has ever given us any money. One nice man gave us £120, once. He didn’t ask for any favours and none were given. He was just generous.

The plan / hope is to make enough money from products (t-shirts, card games, e-books etc), education work (school quizzes, assemblies, workshops etc) and events to break even and maybe, hopefully, pay ourselves a wage. We’re still quite some way from that. At some point in the future, we may ask for small donations to help tide us over. Our core offer will always be free. We don’t want to advertise because advertising and neutrality often don’t mix.

If you have any thoughts about cool things we could do that people might want to pay us for, please let us know.

Questions? Comments? Thoughts? Let Tatton ( or Hattie ( know.