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The ‘give Scotland more powers over tax and benefits’ Act

Bill Passed




New tax powers for Scotland. The Scottish Parliament will set income tax, Air Passenger Duty and Aggregates Levy (a tax on taking rock, sand and gravel out of the ground) and keep the money raised in Scotland. They will also give Scotland the first 10% of VAT incomes.

Welfare powers for Scotland. The Scottish Parliament will get about £2.5 billion of welfare to run. They will be able to set the rules over various benefits, including how often the Universal Credit is paid.


To give the Scottish Parliament the powers that were promised ahead of the Scottish Referendum.


The Scottish office and David Mundell MP, the Scotland Secretary and only Conservative MP in Scotland, are in charge of this.

Other Arguments

There is a broad range of views on this Bill. Those who want full independence, or even full financial independence (in charge of all tax and spend in the country), don’t think it goes far enough. These views are mainly held by the SNP.

There are those, however, who are worried that this will lead to a separation between Scotland and England anyway.

The influential House of Lords Economic Affairs committee is concerned that these new measures are being rushed and treated like a political gesture rather than something that ‘has the potential to fundamentally change the UK’ - Lord Hollick, the committee chairman.

How to get involved

This Bill has largely completed its journey through the Commons. Your local MP could help, but you might do better getting in contact with a member of the House of Lords. Explain to them why you think the changes you want should be made.

If I don’t act, will it go through?

It has now gone through and become law.

Additional Information