What deal does Theresa May want?

January 25th, 2017

The deal Theresa May wants: a summary

The deal May wants
The deal May wants

Current deal as members of EU: a) Free movement of people, Free trade with EU nations, Payment (£.8.5 bn) into EU budget. b) Collaboration on science and technology projects, Membership of Interpol and other EU-wide anti-crime and terrorism organisations, No border control between Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. c) No checks on exports at borders (within EU), EU wide trade deals with around 50 countries but without ability to negotiate own deals, Acceptance of EU Laws and regulations.

The deal Theresa May wants: a) To end - new immigration policy to be announced. We want to negotiate as good a trade deal with EU as possible. Payment may still be necessary it certainly hasn’t been ruled out. Won’t be as much as this. b) Where possible, we’d like to carry on with this. c) May wants this -but will have to negotiate to get it. We’ll be making our own trade deals from now on - with as many countries as possible On the day we Leave, we’ll transfer all EU laws into UK Laws. We can then change what we want.


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