Brexit and Scotland

January 25th, 2017

What does the outcome of the EU referendum mean for Scotland?

| What now for Scotland? Scotland voted 62% - 38% to stay in the EU. 1st Minister - Nicola Sturgeon says they shouldn’t be taken out against their will. If they want to stay - what options do they have? Option I - Keep the UK in the EU Some hope that MSPs can veto Brexit. They put EU laws in place, but don’t really have the power to change UK relation to EU. Option 2 - Stay in the UK and in the EU. They might be able to use their devolved status to have a different relationship with the EU to the rest of the UK. Greenland have done that (they’re officially a part of Denmark and have left the EU). Option 3 - Leave the UK to stay in the EU. If they can’t do either of the above, a second Independence vote seems likely. Sunday Post recently published a poll that had 69% of Scots backing independence.

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